: surviving a weaponized Liberace :

The constant drama and bomb-throwing; the tastelessness and ostentation; the hair-proud flamboyance; the glittery distractions. It’s too much stress for me. So I’m in a self-imposed exile from the Internet and television and DJT. I’m simply worn out. The fuming over foolishness I can’t stop and can’t possibly fathom is too exhausting. If the last … Continue reading : surviving a weaponized Liberace :

: don’t bother with long term plans :

We won't be here long. In less than one week, a single unstable, self-absorbed individual has shoved civilization closer to annihilation. One person. Thanks to Donald Trump, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists today moved the Doomsday Clock ahead by thirty seconds. It now stands at 2½ minutes to midnight. The Republican Party, meanwhile, does nothing. They … Continue reading : don’t bother with long term plans :

: this isn’t about politics, anymore :

This is about sanity. Boycotts and threats and malicious disinformation abound; hatred, backlash, and vengeance are the new order of the day. What is going on? We need to get a grip and soon. Kellogg’s, provider of Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes, is the newest addition to an ever-growing list of targets. Know why? They pulled their … Continue reading : this isn’t about politics, anymore :

: okay, I’m on to this now :

Ask anyone, I’m no stranger to peculiar thinking. It’s sort of my normal, so I’m comfortable with crazy. Except in a President-elect. Then it’s scary. Have you noticed when the media turns up the heat on Trump’s numerous and far-reaching conflicts of interest, the financial irregularities, the tax dodging shenanigans, actual newsworthy stuff, he tweets … Continue reading : okay, I’m on to this now :