: a scientific breakthrough :

Gravity, I propose, is cumulative. I made this astonishing discovery last Saturday afternoon when I went swimming. Although, for the sake of accuracy, I should change swimming to floundering, because I’ve acquired the natural buoyancy of space junk. That’s upsetting, since water is my greatest refuge. Pools, oceans, rivers, bathtubs, they’re all life-enhancing habitats, in … Continue reading : a scientific breakthrough :

: don’t bother with long term plans :

We won't be here long. In less than one week, a single unstable, self-absorbed individual has shoved civilization closer to annihilation. One person. Thanks to Donald Trump, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists today moved the Doomsday Clock ahead by thirty seconds. It now stands at 2½ minutes to midnight. The Republican Party, meanwhile, does nothing. They … Continue reading : don’t bother with long term plans :

: the trouble with advertising? :

Advertisers. They’re candy-asses. And agencies are just as guilty, they’re the enablers. They let clients neuter brilliant, powerful, effective ideas into lame crap, then apologize when the campaigns fail. Anything for a buck, that’s the new industry motto, I think. Creative standards have vanished, crushed under the weight of relentless testing and measuring and metrics. … Continue reading : the trouble with advertising? :

: it’s an spf 9,000 sort of day :

Yikes! We’re smack dab in the middle of the biggest solar storm since 2005.  Streams of radiation from the sun (in the form of protons) are right now zipping across earth’s magnetic field, probably throwing a monkey wrench into high-frequency communications and GPS signals and the power grid. According to the experts, this latest event … Continue reading : it’s an spf 9,000 sort of day :

: scram. no, wait, stay there :

These are exciting times, are they not? I mean, scientists are closing in on the God particle (formally called the Higgs boson) and that’s thrilling because, well, something to do with mass and subatomic physics and colliding particles. According to some (but certainly not all), Einstein’s theory of gravity has been disproved. Wowie! Then, too, … Continue reading : scram. no, wait, stay there :