: 10 thoughts, none of them mine :

Seemingly overnight the United States went from respectable country to Rube Goldberg contraption. We’re the ball bearings. We careen, we hurtle, we veer from pillar to post and back again. We’re an accident waiting to happen and, urk, I’m carsick. So I retreat into my head where it’s safe and things make sense. It’s a survival technique. … Continue reading : 10 thoughts, none of them mine :

: surviving a weaponized Liberace :

The constant drama and bomb-throwing; the tastelessness and ostentation; the hair-proud flamboyance; the glittery distractions. It’s too much stress for me. So I’m in a self-imposed exile from the Internet and television and DJT. I’m simply worn out. The fuming over foolishness I can’t stop and can’t possibly fathom is too exhausting. If the last … Continue reading : surviving a weaponized Liberace :