: mentioning the unmentionables :

National Underwear Day Is Here! Shoot, let’s do more than mention them, let’s glorify those delightful hidden comforts -- underthings. We know them by a variety of names: delicates, undies, drawers, skivvies, tighty whities, unmentionables, lingerie, underclothes. Much of the mystery has gone out of them now, thanks to the lazy bums who wear their … Continue reading : mentioning the unmentionables :

: invasion of the giant pink underpants :

I awoke to a dire situation this morning: I was down to my last clean pair of underwear. The unsightly, ill-fitting, for-emergency-use-only, I’ll die-if-anyone-sees-me-in-these, elastic sprung, Pepto-Bismol-pink pair that bunches and binds. My heart sank at the sight of them. It’s going to be a long day. Ordinarily, I’m pretty good about doing laundry, a … Continue reading : invasion of the giant pink underpants :