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16 Responses to “copyright”

  1. Bryan Berghoef

    May I use the “bench in snow” image from your January 3 post for a FB post if I give credit and link to your site?

    Many thanks. Great image–


  2. waterbutter

    Being my second day on WordPress with a gap of 2 years in-between, I will admit that i only clicked to follow you because I wanted to see what it would look like getting the feed/blog on my main page and nothing more. Well that didn’t go as expected and now I am going to stick around as your follower #6061 I think. ps: awesome blog you got here, I will try to be at least half as entertaining :)


  3. bodyandbeyondhc

    This is my first time on wordpress. So I’m trying out my own. Just am browsing to see others posts and how they do it. I do love your postings. Quite funny I say myself. Love them.


    • publikworks

      Why, thank you, body and beyond! I appreciate your taking the time to stop by and comment. And good luck — I think you’ll do great :o)



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