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The Academy Awards are this weekend, you know. And I bet you’ve seen most of the nominees, haven’t you? Well, I haven’t. I didn’t even know what movies were nominated or who was in them until I googled the list. Turns out I’m hopelessly unhip and unaware. Some might say I’m un-American for this indifference to movies and celebrity, but that’s not true.

Of the nine movies nominated, I’ve heard of four: The Artist, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, The Descendants, and The Help. Two of them were hugely popular books first, which is the reason I know of them. I heard about the third movie when it was discussed on a talk show and I saw television ads for the fourth. None of them got me atwitter, even though Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close has Tom Hanks in it. I love him.

The sad, awful truth is I like books better. Going to the movies is a lot of work, you have to take a shower, wear grown up clothes, drive to the movie theater, stand in line, spend $20 for popcorn and a Coke, then realize your shoes are stuck to the floor. Ew.

Books, well, they’re low maintenance entertainment, they go where you go. Anywhere from a bathtub to prison. Showtime is any time. And shoes are optional; heck, so are pants if you’re so inclined. If those aren’t reasons enough, you also get to cast all the parts when you read a book — you’re the director and the producer. Not some dude in a beret and goatee.

As a rule, Hollywood can’t compete with your imagination. Okay, To Kill A Mockingbird was an exception. It was equally outstanding as a movie and a book. Gone With the Wind came pretty close, as well, but the book was just too good.

Oh, and another thing: when’s the last time you got stuck watching an awards show for the publishing industry? With dancing authors swanning around in celebration of Helvetica type? Never, that’s when. They’re too shy for such gregarious behavior. I like that about them.

Even so, I’ll be among the billions watching the broadcast Sunday night. I’ll be completely lost, blinded by all the glittering jewels and cutting edge fashions on people I don’t know or recognize, but I’ll be there.

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  1. No kidding about the not having a showy award ceremony for the publishing industry! That would never happen. Writers would be all reclusive and avoid the red carpet and their speeches would be bizarre or too short or too long and they’d cut out before the snazzy post-show parties started and head to a Starbucks to chat. Well, of course if I was invited I’d be drinking it up ’til midnight at least. And then I’d probably jump on a table and start singing show tunes. And that is precisely why I’m not a famous writer.


    1. Whoa, hang on there. The drinking ’til dawn and dancing on tables is a no? Really? Damn, that explains so much. Thanks for the heads up, Angie. You’re a pal.


  2. The Swedish movie version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is pretty decent… The Noomi Rapace version of Lisbeth is also much closer to the book’s heroine than her American alter ego, IMO.


    1. A friend of mine prefers the Swedish version, too. So I’ll skip the American version and get the Swedish next time I’m at the video store. I was a huge fan of that trilogy, huge. Thanks, Eric, I’d forgotten.


  3. You know you made me laugh loudly with “Going to the movies is a lot of work, you have to take a shower, wear grown up clothes”, right? I mean, the take a shower part spoke to me. Got me all choked up. I understand the plight, Lisa. I do.

    I have not read either book, but I did see The Help. Did you read Extremely Loud? Was it good?

    I do want to see The Artist. In fact, I was all set to take myself yesterday (even showered), but I decided against it. I just couldn’t convince myself to spend the money. Plus, I really, really, really want to take the boys to see The Lorax, though I suspect it won’t be much like the book (which I love).

    I’m not sure I’ll watch tonight. I’m very busy falling in love with Matt Bomer, and I suspect I’ll watch one or two episodes of White Collar.

    Tell me who wins, OK?


    1. Shoot, I’d opt for Matt Bomer, too. If I had cable, which I don’t, dammit. sigh

      I’m glad you can identify, LD. It is a plight. If I’d known you wanted to see The Artist yesterday I’d have gone with you, but I think you made a good choice. Anything by Dr. Seuss is awesome. The guy was a genius.

      I’ll keep track and let you know who wins. Deal?


      1. I expect a full run-down, Lisa. Thank you for meeting the challenge. Throw in your thoughts on best and worst dressed, too.

        We do not have cable, either. However, we do have a handy little gadget called a Roku – which lets us access Netflix, hence the ability to see Matt. Swoooooooon


        1. I’m always happy to be of service! And, sure, I’ll throw in my thoughts, but be warned they’ll be way wrong.

          This Roku gadget, it interests me. I will study up on it. Thanks for the tip, my friend.


  4. One of my favorite movies of all-time is based on a book, The Shining. Now I know that Kubrick’s movie did not impress Stephen King, nor his readers, when it first came out. And that’s because they’re wrong.

    I have to agree with you, film adaptations of booka are quite often disappointing.


    1. Years ago, I stayed in a hotel in Virginia Beach and someone told me The Shining had been filmed there. He lied, nothing had been filmed there. That was too bad, since I love Jack Nicholson.


      1. Around 1985-86, a Hollywood flick was filmed in the building I used to live with my parents. The movie was Nowhere to Hide. The tenants were excited; rumours were that Jack Nicholson was the star. I was psyched, until the day I met Michael Ironside, the actual star.


  5. wow… you should stay home in your pj’s… you sound way too cool and well read to venture out and take in what anothers insight might offer… I think the movies are free and start about 5pm (cocktails at 4pm) in the home up the street… .


      1. Don’t know what it is, but I have always found Billy Crystal to be unwatchable. Looking directly at his image on a TV or movie screen brings me to a state of near nausea. It’s worth noting though, even highly respected and beloved stars become as annoying as gnats when put into the position of award show host.


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