: dear enemy of the american people :

Thank you. Thank you. And thank you some more. A million times, thank you.

Contrary to the twisted, delusional ranting of Mr. Trump, the traditional news media are pretty much the only friends we have left. The Republicans are acting on behalf of the Republican party. The Democrats, meanwhile, worry about the Democratic party. And the president is a fabulist and a goddamn lunatic.

The media, at least, have the best interests of the country in mind. Left up to the government, we’d all be in the dark sporting earplugs. If nothing else, the 2016 election has exposed the venal, sordid, self-serving nature of American politics. We’ve suspected it all along, of course, but the reality is far worse than anyone imagined. You knew we were screwed when the first thing the Republicans did after seizing power was gut the Office of Congressional Ethics — an independent watchdog.

The media, those low-down, dirty snakes, blew the whistle. The media, you see, are working on our behalf, yours and mine, the hapless victims in this mess. That’s what annoys Mr. Trump. He doesn’t want reality to interfere with the illusions he creates. Mr. Trump much prefers  everyone shower him with blind adoration while he sucks the country dry of hope and compassion and tax dollars. And doing a little marketing for the Trump brand on the side. 

Thank God there are still signs of integrity and courage around. Not in the Senate or House of Representatives, not the White House, but in the New York Times and Washington Post and CNN, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert. Without their intervention, we’d be screwed six ways from Sunday.

Oh, as long as I’m here, a shout out to the leakers, as well. And John McCain. You’re all true, blue American heroes.

I hope every member of the United States government is aware of the damage they’re doing by sitting on their hands. The mistrust and suspicion are deep and wide, everywhere in the world. Because of your spinelessness, the United States is no longer trustworthy and barely even respectable. We’re an unstable, disgraceful joke.

Donald Trump needs to be watched, like an insidious disease, and kept in check. With a temperament such as his, he could quickly prove fatal. Please, media people, don’t take your eyes off him for a second or stop blowing the whistle.

Sincerely yours,


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  1. I think I mostly agree with you on this one.

    But as someone whom (I’m almost positive) has lived rough a great deal more than you – mostly through sheer blind dumb stupid stubborn luck at not having died on any number of occasions now – allow me to make a rather startling point about the people who are telling us these things… and please excuse me for playing the devil’s advocate, for just one brief moment.

    Who is it that’s telling us that the media is the last bastion of freedom left to us?
    Could it be… mightn’t it be thought to be the media itself who is extolling the virtues of the media?

    And why does that not give us pause?

    Thank you…
    We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

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    1. Well, sure, but no. I watch them with the same skepticism I watch the government. And, so far, the traditional media have done a pretty decent job of calling Trump’s bluff. He simply can’t be trusted and I have grave suspicions about the whole system these days. This isn’t the America I thought I knew. Or am I overreacting?


      1. Um, yeah…
        About that…

        I don’t think you’re overreacting at all!

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        1. I could be, you know. I’m not 100% sure I trust myself these days.


          1. If you WERE 100% sure, you wouldn’t be worth talking to!

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            1. Aww, you sweet talker you :o)


              1. 😳
                Where’s the blushing emoji when you need one…?

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  3. You are reading my mind but are able to put it into words so much better. Thank you!!!

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    1. I hate feeling helpless; this is just me fighting back. It’s better than giving the finger to the tv :o|

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      1. Yes. This is much more powerful 💪🏻

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  4. Well said/written. Keep it up. Eventually, I think and pray, sanity will be restored

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    1. I am so with you there. All this chaos after only a month is unnerving; the great and rapid unraveling of America :o(

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