: happy summer solstice :


What the heck are you doing in here? Go outside, enjoy the sunshine. Summer’s here. It arrived this morning at 6:51 a.m., Eastern Daylight time, the longest day of the year for us poor schmoes in the Northern Hemisphere — yeah, the frigid one. We’ll have 16 hours and 17 minutes of sweet, sweet daylight today.

The dark days of wint — sorry — win. Hang on, the dark days of w-w-w — I can’t say it. That other season is long gone. And good riddance.

So turn off the air conditioning and throw open the windows. Life wasn’t meant to be a climate-controlled affair. It’s okay to sweat a little; it won’t kill you. But, be kind to the environment, apply a fresh-scented deodorant. Thank you.

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8 thoughts on “: happy summer solstice :

  1. We longed to feel the sun on our face for so long and then we stay inside with manufactured temperature quite like the ones we were trying to get away from. I have my annual “air conditioning cold”. It happens every year when the air conditioning is cranked really high everywhere you go and then when you go outside the air is so thick your lungs don’t function.


    1. We had a string of those days, silk purse. When gills would have been more efficient than lungs. The humidity is awful.

      I’m with you on the air conditioning. When did we stop opening windows? Sheesh.


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