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Wait, whoa, stop screaming. They’re candles, ladies and gentlemen, see the wicks? What did you think it was, a medical experiment? Grisly crime scene photo?


Never, never believe my headlines. I’m a liar, I blow things out of all proportion. That’s how I lure readers; with trickery and deceit in lieu of talent.

As you can see, I’ve been trolling the Internet again. Heck, there’s nothing else to do on a snowy Sunday, except wait for the snowplows and liberation. And that won’t happen until the stoopid snow stops, sometime in June. It just keeps falling, and falling in heaps, I might add. Please, send help, I’m trapped in a snow globe.

I really hate February.

On a positive note, this is the last month of winter. The end. Daylight savings time arrives March 8, bringing sunlight and hope and a reason to live. Hallelujah and yay.

Sorry, back to the candles. I ran across these babies at https://www.etsy.com/shop/uncannyartshop. They’re curiously fun, don’t you think? My favorite is the ears, they remind me of Uncle Fester (of Addams Family fame). Picture one on a bookshelf or, if you’re sadistic, floating in a punch bowl. Or, ooh, in a bed — a la The Godfather.

The Necessary Details:

$18 each; available in 15 different scents and 3 styles (ears, disgusted mouth, happy mouth).

You know, maybe you shouldn’t light them. Way too gruesome after all the melting and dripping and collapsing. yeesh 


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16 thoughts on “: some images may be unsuitable :

  1. Brilliant! I’m now throwing out all the real ones I’ve been collecting in my freezer all these years. Wax ones are far, far better. I can see that now. It’s a pity these weren’t around when I started my rampage all those years ago. But hey ho, it’s all over now – all thanks to your informative post. Appreciated.


    1. My pleasure, honestly. You know what I wonder? What are the 15 different scents? It’s probably best we don’t speculate. Yes?

      I’m tickled you like them :o)


    1. You can’t look away, they’re like an accident or something. Well, minus the carnage. And, you’re right, weird.

      Let me know if they’re creepier in person than in the photograph. What’ll they feel like, too? I want ’em all.

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