: where do ideas come from? :

No one knows. Their origins are as inscrutable as crop circles and Stonehenge.


Oh, plenty of people claim to know the secret; plenty more have a sure-fire, foolproof method for sparking brilliant new thoughts. On demand. At the snap of your fingers. Well, I’m here to tell you, ideas can’t be trained. They don’t come when they’re called; they won’t fetch or roll over, either. They’ll play dead, though. They’re doing it now. At this very moment.

I thought I had one, but when I looked closely, it wasn’t moving. No signs of life. I nudged it with my foot, I poked it with a stick, nothing, no response. Great, now what? Well, once in a while I’ll find a stray idea in the shower or under the covers, so I checked there, but nope. Not this time. The cupboards are bare.

As a last resort I looked around my brain and you know what I came up with? Dust bunnies and a pretty elaborate cobweb. I really need to use that thing more. Brains atrophy, you know, turn feeble from lack of use. So if you’ll excuse us, my brain and I are going for some exercise on this lovely spring afternoon. Maybe we’ll stumble on an idea along the way.

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A pothole is more likely, but we’ll keep a good thought.

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8 responses to “: where do ideas come from? :”

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  3. I had a good idea for a post the other day. I was in the middle of something else and put off writing it down. I’ll be damned if I can recall it now. I keep looking for it, but I’m pretty sure it’s gone.


    1. Isn’t that frustrating?

      It happened often enough that I began writing down ideas on whatever’s handy. By the time I find the receipt or napkin or whatever, I can’t figure out what the hell I’m talking about. I’ll need to start dashing off a first draft at this point.


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