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‘There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW. Wow is the one to aim for.’ — Milton Glaser

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Design you say? Wouldn’t that principle apply to just about everything? Plus, there’s a fourth response nowadays. You left out dead silence, which, technically, is no response, but let’s not split hairs.

The ‘yes’ is good, we like yes. The ‘no’ stinks,bullseye but it’s clear, definite. The ‘WOW’, well, what lunkhead doesn’t aim for that? It’s the brass ring for the whole flipping bunch of us. Everyone from cooks to magicians to scientists shoots for WOW.

Dead silence, on the other hand, is the pits. A slap in the face. I’ve never been spit on, somewhat surprisingly, but the reaction is probably similar. You shake it off, look daggers at the spitter, and move along. Carrying your new grudge with you. Alas, we’d better get used to it. Silence is fast becoming the default response in the world of online communications.

You know why? I’m paraphrasing here, but ‘the high volume of submissions makes it impossible to respond to all’. Yeah? Phooey. The publishing industry is tight-fisted and understaffed, with a pinch of lazy thrown in. You can’t argue with silence, though, it’s not there. You’ll be tilting at windmills if you try. And that, boys and girls, is no fun; it’s a headache. I know this because I’m a tilter.

I’m tilting right now. Filling the place with the constant tappity-tap-tap-tap-tap-tappity-tap of my computer. Would one of you please come and slam the lid on my fingers? Thank you.

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10 responses to “: today’s deep thought :”

  1. So true!! And sometimes they read it, but just don’t want to acknowledge your work.. The petty kind – misguided by thinking that withholding validation will make us suffer or less likely to succeed. *Grr*


    1. I think they’re probably just lazy. Which isn’t any less frustrating. So, yep, *Grr*

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  2. Yes? I rarely get those on some of my posts. A few of them have actually got me virtually spit on (I appreciate that response, it means I hit a nerve).

    I think we have to look at what we are actually going for and then accept the consequence.


    1. Some sources encourage controversy in blogging. It ignites impassioned responses and draws in readers; before you know it a discussion breaks out. There’s nothing wrong with that. Hell, I’ll take whatever I can get.


      1. I think it is what we write about, I just want to make people think.


        1. Think? Good luck with that.

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  3. No response is bad? Dang, I just thought it meant everyone loved my posts so much they’d been stunned into reverential silence. Sheesh!

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    1. You know, bun, I like your interpretation better. Never mind :o)

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