: a day for puttering :

Oy, such a miserable morning to walk a dog. A streaming rain fell as traffic hissed on wet, puddled pavement. It was windy and it was cold; raindrops landed like icy shrapnel. The sky was a grim, leaking canopy of despair, utterly cheerless.

Nevertheless, there we were, plashing along a marshy sidewalk. I, as you might expect, grew increasingly aggrieved with each squelching footstep, but even the dog, an easygoing sort, seemed offended by the punishing weather. She didn’t dawdle, she’d no interest in sniffing the grass or investigating litter, she was resolute and focused. So I stuffed her with treats, the way people do a Pez dispenser, and we rocketed home in record time.

Simply walking through the door set the world right again. The rain didn’t matter; wind and cold became irrelevant; I was surrounded by the cozy warmth of home. Turning on the lights chased away the gloom, the smell of coffee filled the air, and contentment bubbled up from my toes — I was exactly where I wanted to be. I was safe and snug in my sweet little bolt-hole.

The couch called to me, loud and insistent, so I tucked myself into my best slacker wear — woolly socks and boxer shorts — and crawled under the duvet with Van Morrison, coffee, and my laptop. That’s where I spent the whole rest of the day, frittering, an activity at which I excel. I accomplished nothing and, frankly, it was dee-lightful.

Try it sometime. Forget about being responsible and diligent, be a lazy, good-for-nothing bum for a day. It’s cheaper than liquor and more fun than a lobotomy; call it an attitude adjustment if it helps. Done properly, malingering is very life enhancing.


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10 responses to “: a day for puttering :”

  1. Sounds like we have matching weather…and matching responses to that weather!

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    1. Ugh, right? That’s my response until April. Maybe May.


  2. Well said. I may actually look forward to the next rainy day! …maybe not.

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    1. It’s like a snow day, only better. There’s nothing to clean up the next day.

      Winter sure brings out the gratitude for having a home 🏠

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  3. Loved your description of “raindrops … like icy shrapnel”. It reminded me of a piece of artwork I saw some ten years ago. A kneeling figure holding up an umbrella and all around wickedly sharp flakes of brightly coloured metal that had bounced and scattered off the umbrella canopy. It was called “really sharp showers”.

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    1. Aw, thanks!

      Sadly, I can’t take the credit, it’s how they felt when they hit my face :o/ And it did seem a little like warfare, come to think of it ☔️


  4. Oh, how I love this picture you have painted! Warms my heart. Thank you 🙏🏻

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    1. And your comment warmed mine :o) This happens every year, you know. Cold, wet weather arrives and I go straight into hibernation mode. The difference this time is liking where I live. I don’t know how, but I lucked out for once 😍


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