: do americans deserve democracy? :

Here it is, 4:05 in the morning and I can’t find the ‘off’ switch on my brain. It’s wide awake and in overdrive. You see, I fear for Ukraine and, at the same time, I marvel at their single-minded resolve. Although they’re outnumbered and under-equipped, they’ve mounted a united and fearless defense against a power-hungry megalomaniac. Without so much as a second thought, the Ukrainians stepped up and put their lives on the line to protect their democracy. In a fair world, Ukraine would right now be enjoying their hard-earned independence and self-determination in peace. No one fought harder or against greater odds for freedom.

So, with those thoughts crashing around in my head, I happened upon the latest Washington Post / ABC News poll. The contrast was stark and very unflattering. My fragile optimism turned to cold despair.

When asked who they’d rather have in charge of Congress, 50% ( + \ – ) of adult Americans declared a preference for Republicans. Yup. They’d choose to be represented by people dedicated to:

> suppressing our right to vote
> repealing women’s rights
> banning books
> legislating what schools can and can’t teach 
> vilifying and demonizing various groups
> stonewalling and obstructing any effort designed to strengthen this battered country
> shutting down investigations into the GOP-funded, -organized, and -incited Insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. 

In essence, half of America prefers being represented by authoritarian despots masquerading as sworn defenders of the Constitution.. And do you know why? Gas prices went up. President Biden made us wear masks. 

For crying out loud, suck it up. We barely survived 4 nightmarish years of deeply corrupt and treasonous mismanagement and half of us want to give the GOP another shot? Are you crazy? 

At this point, it isn’t a question of Republican or Democrat. It’s a question of democracy vs. autocracy. America vs. Dystopia. The Land of the Free vs. The Home of the Chumps. It really is that simple. Your choice, folks, but, honestly? Y’all are scaring the daylights out of me.

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  1. Excuse my ignorance, I have only the media and my idiot brother in-law to go by, but isn’t that number an improvement? With the behavior we have seen (with the exceptions being you and a handful of other bloggers I know) that number seemed to be more like 80% in favour of Republican tyranny over the past couple of years. That being said, Stoneyfish is right. That last paragraph is spot on and they are scaring the hell out of me too.

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    1. That 80% is probably registered Republicans . The upside to that is, the GOP is hemorrhaging voters, so 80% is relatively unimpressive. Half of all Americans — Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians — that’s gobsmacking to me. Especially considering how blatantly authoritarian they are 😵‍💫 Any chance Canada needs an old, washed up copywriter?

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      1. Canada always needs good people. There seems to be a shortage everywhere.

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  2. Your last paragraph is spot on. (“Couldn’t have put it better” spot on.)

    At least you don’t have to leave your country to escape the shells and the tanks of that Russian Chump.

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    1. Thanks! I can’t imagine how wrenching it is being forced to leave your home in order to survive, I just can’t. The world keeps getting scarier by the day.


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