: the most successful blog in history :

I truly believe I’ve done great things.  So fabulous. I have better posts than anyone, really, really very popular posts. Did you see the crowd? The people love me; lots of them follow me. Many more than follow that overrated Meryl Streep.

No blogger has accomplished what I have, but I’m fighting fake reality. What you see isn’t real, it’s a lie. My little site is actually huge and we’re moving so fast, making the Internet great again. There’s never been a website that’s done as much in such a short time. It was a total mess when I got here, frankly, but I’m fixing that.

Everyday I sit at my amazing desk and I write big, super-classy words. Nobody loves words more than I do; words are fantastic. I use them a lot to say really terrific things. And I only use the best words, big ones to prove I’m absolutely a smart girl. I know things. Do you know Frederick Douglass? Susan B. Anthony? I do. Fabulous people.

So things are definitely getting  done — bing bing bong bong bing bing bing — I’m not going to tell you what, but they’re incredible. You’ll see. Soon. In a couple weeks, maybe. Believe me, things are happening, because I’m a winner and I’m winning. I’m winning so much you’ll get bored and think maybe I should stop winning. But I can’t. That’s what I do. I win.

Although, to be honest, I thought this would be easier. Still, I’m happy to be here in this wonderful, beautiful place. Yay, me!

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16 thoughts on “: the most successful blog in history :

  1. You have some pretty lofty aspirations. :o) When I started blogging, I thought I would be an overnight sensation. Yeah. After all I’m such a great writer and I have so much to say. Yeah. I agree, stay off the bike.

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    1. Come on, you’re a fine writer, you just need delusions. And a willingness to embarrass yourself. The bike and 99% of my posts show I’m probably too willing.


  2. Now THAT is how I like to see you take on the Rug…
    Don’t let him take you to places you don’t want to go.
    YOU take HIM down… with his own words, his own persona…
    His own madness…
    Then the world becomes just a little bit brighter, a whole lot smarter…

    .. and it keeps you off the bike…

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    1. Hahaha, you charmer, you. Thanks o)

      The bike is my greater threat, by a hair. Although I’ve met the nicest people by biking — good Samaritans, trauma surgeons, and the like. I wish Trump would take up biking.

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    1. I’d be fantastic. It’d be so easy to make the Internet great again. For me, because I know Putin. He’s incredible at the Internet. Would you like to be vice president? I’ll ignore you and make your life miserable 🤡

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